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Ergonomic footrest

Return from summer holidays, it is September again and start your work at the office. Long hours on the computer that make it impossible to maintain a correct position on the chair. You lie forward, letting fall lower back and encouraging harmful consequences for your back. Another result of many hours sitting, circulation problems, by the position of the legs and the pressure of the saddle on the back of the thigh.

Today we highlight a key player in the office very effectively resolving these situations: The footrest, which relieves pressure on the chair legs while helps you improve lumbar support. It also ensures firm contact of the feet on the ground.
It must be tiltable so that it can adapt to the height and type of footwear user. Also very important anti-slip s to avoid movement on the ground.
Imasoto footrest surface is black and non-slip rubber DM support. chrome frame with non-slip and tilt adjustable cleats.
Product 100% recommended. Here you can see the complete product information.


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