Thema Series
Offers an adequate response to any office installation in all work spaces

Optimization of space, functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics are its main features. It develops a system of conduction of both vertical and horizontal wiring of large capacity, effectively solving the growing use of electrical and computer elements.

TECH Series
General office furniture

Tech has operating tables for the office, auxiliary and meeting tables, pieces for joining and extending tables, counters, table dividers, fixed or rolling drawers, cabinets and bookcases.

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A complete system for the current office, a new expossion of a workstation

The light estructure of the upright allows generous lengthts in its aluminium structured profile creating multiples modular compositions and horizontal growth without the need of multiply the vertical upright

N Series
Current design, quality materials and a competitive price.

The N collection is based on a structure consisting of crossbeams, gutters and vertical uprights made of premium steel tube.

MIna Series
Versatil Office Design

Quality and commitment

Passion for furniture, design and architecture since 1969.

The equipment is subject to procedure PGC04 · 2 · 1
"Maintenance of Production Equipment"
in order to ensure continued productive capacity and optimal performance.