Combi Team
Confidant and collectivities

For use as confidant chairs or visitors, as well as for facilities and collectives available in three versions depending on their seat and backrest: upholstered, in varnished wood or in stratified white, beech or cherry

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Equity Series
Confident and collectivities

Chairs neutral and timeless design that allow their use as a visitor chair or universal confident

Royal series
Working Operative Chair

Ergonomic design of the seat with front curvature that avoids pressure in the legs and promotes blood circulation and with central footprint, not flat.

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Light series
Working Operative Chair

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Wing series
Confidant and collectivities

WING presents a wide collection of upholstered chairs for confident use and contract destination, with fixed and rotating models

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Confort series
Working Operative Chair
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Clic series
Working Operative Chair

Allows synchronized movement of the seat and backrest; with permanent contact of the backrest, blocking in various positions and anti-return system after locking it by just pressing on the back.

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Boomerang series
Operational work chair

Designed by Gabriel Teixidó for delaOliva offers a wide range of possibilities with the development of ergonomically designed backrests in two different heights for the RX and RA operating chair, and with additional headrest for the executive chair as part of Boomerang VIP

Quality and commitment

Passion for furniture, design and architecture since 1969.

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