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Thema Series
Offers an adequate response to any office installation in all work spaces

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Optimization of space, functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics are its main features. It develops a system of conduction of both vertical and horizontal wiring of large capacity, effectively solving the growing use of electrical and computer elements.

OS Series
Designed by Item Design

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Os is characterized by a sober design and great formal lightness, with four extruded aluminum legs adjustable in height up to 10 cm, adapting perfectly to the directional and operative environment. The light structure of its structure allows generous lengths in its profile of extruded aluminum, ideal for tables of advice with a solution to the electrification for use of projectors and multimedia material.

Unita Series
Designed by Estudio Lamela

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Modular horizontal growth without duplicating the vertical uprights, to achieve flexibility of the number of positions and freedom of movement.

N·19 Series
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N Series
Current design, quality materials and a competitive price.

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The result is N in its three versions, N1, N2 and N3. A complete program of office furniture that responds to the new needs of the market,

Lexus series
Functional and operative, it adapts to any work space.

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The legs in the shape of "L" allow the conduction of the wiring, solving in an effective way the increasing use of electrical and computer elements. It incorporates laminated skirt.

Basik series
The lightest and most economical line

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With a variety of dimensions, its straight, auxiliary and Wing tables allow multiple configurations, all sides, to form different workspaces, such as meeting areas, training rooms, etc.

Quality and commitment

Passion for furniture, design and architecture since 1969.



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